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Shanghai Sheng Long Cable Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, the company has focused on automotive cables and special cables, committed to the cause of domestic high-end high-performance cable to help our industrial customers to enhance the brand, cost savings and create value. We have the most advanced line of technical strength on the German standard, European standard, American standard, Japanese standard, Australia and other standard cable has a profound study, have accumulated strong product development, manufacturing strength; We use the international standard with the service concept, to provide you with the industry's most complete substitution of imported specialty cable solutions. Shaanxi Auto, Xuzhou Heavy Industries and other large enterprises with us have become a long-term and good cooperation, we have established a good reputation.

Sheng Long cable manufacturing various types of automotive cables, special cables to replace imported flexible mobile: towline cable, cable reel, robot cable, polyurethane cable, driving cable, elevator cables, bus cables, encoder cables, servo cables, cold-resistant low-temperature cables, explosion-proof cable, waterproof cable and other covers the fixed installation, mobile installation, data communications, power transmission, a variety of products for use in extreme environments. Widely used in industrial sectors and areas of automation, machinery, locomotives, steel, mining, petrochemical, railway electrical installation.

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